There are six standing committees that are headed by a captain/chair, which is appointed by board of directors.

The major roles and responsibilities are listed below; however, a document listing more detail responsibilities is available to review here in pdf format :

  • Finance & Budgeting Committee (Chair - Willie Chavers)  This committee will develop the budget, pay the bills and manage SGT finances. The committee also works closely with Fundraising & Special Projects Committee to track donations and other fundraising activities. The committee is comprised of the Chair/Captain, Treasurer and Volunteers.

  • Fundraising & Special Projects Committee (Chair - Open) This committee is responsible for raising money to pay for SGT events. Also the committee is responsible for special projects that promote the Annual Tailgate Event. The committee is comprised of a Chair/Captain and Volunteers.

  • Food & Beverages Committee (Chair - Howard Gilmore) This committee is responsible for the planning, purchase, preparation and storage of food and beverage for events.  The committee implements cost and portion controls to ensure budget is achieved.  The committee exercise safety, personal hygiene and general handling of food and beverages. The committee is comprised of a Chair/Captain and Volunteers. The Chair/Captain may appoint sub-committee Leads from the available Volunteers.

  • Site Management Committee  (Chair - Billy Pearson) The committee is responsible selection of event site (location); setup of event site; maintenance of event site; and breakdown of event site.  The committee is also responsible for negotiating and recommending hotel accommodations for the Golden Tiger Football family. The committee is comprised of a Chair/Captain, Safety/Security Coordinator (coordinate safety and security related issues and risk management) and Volunteers.

  • Communication Committee (Chair - Leonard G. Lewis) The committee is responsible for providing timely updates to the Golden Tiger Football family using various channels of communication including emails, website, Facebook, twitter, mailings and telephone.  The committee is also responsible for maintaining a contact database; and management of committee meeting minutes/records. The committee is comprised of a Chair/Captain, Event Coordinator (plan, schedule and coordinate SGT events), and Volunteers.

  • Scholarship Committee (Chair - Eugene L. Vickers Sr.) The Scholarship Committee is responsible for administering SGT Scholarship Awards Fund according to the scholarship program guidelines. The Scholarship Committee maintains the guidelines for the scholarship program under the direction of the SGT board of directors. Changes to the scholarship program shall be approved by majority vote of SGT board. The Scholarship Committee keeps records of account balances maintained in a Tuskegee University account, works with Tuskegee University Office of Development and Dean of Students to authorize withdrawal of awards from SGT Account, gives a report of all scholarships awarded. The Scholarship Committee presents an annual report of all scholarships/awards given during the fiscal year, develops an awareness of trends in scholarships awards and advises the SGT Board of these trends, and recommends changes to the scholarship guidelines as appropriate.

    The committee is comprised of a Chair/Captain and Volunteers.

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